Guardiola countered criticism of Chinese media

City manager said that he and his students have fulfilled their obligations in the tour of the Asian Premier League last weekend

Man City was criticized by Xinhua because of the attitude of playing in the Asian Premier League Cup on July 20. The Chinese daily said Guardiola’s teachers played “not for fans” but only to “make money”.

In response, the Spanish coach said: I disagree and the judgments are completely wrong. Man City went to Asia to experience culture, food, and socializing, which is a wonderful thing. “The criticism for us is completely far from reality. When writing these things, they need to understand what happens inside our club.

Man City arrived in China two days later than expected because of a plane crash. After the victory of West Ham 4-1, Guardiola teachers refused to answer the mainland press and ignored the fans of the country. Because of this, many Chinese newspapers criticized the Etihad owners. They think Man City is unfriendly and disrespectful to Chinese people.

I really don’t understand these criticisms, Guardiola said. We had an exciting time in Shanghai. Man City has commitments to do in China. People from the hotel to the audience have asked us to do everything, and Man City is always ready.

Sharing views with teachers, Raheem Sterling shared: Every time we return from the training ground, we often linger, sign autographs and take photos with the fans. I think, Man City has connected very well with the people. Although there are some problems and some team members are insomnia, China is a great experience. We all like this trip.

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