I feel young again- Federer tell

Legendary player touched after the 10th crowned at Halle Open (Germany).

After beating David Goffin in the final on June 23, Roger Federer said he was prepared to welcome another 10: his twin daughters Charlene and Myla will celebrate their 10th birthday. next month. “I turned 10 years old before the kids. I felt like I was younger,” the former world number one player revealed. “Even when I return home and wake up the next morning, I will return to my old age. But for now, I feel like the youth has returned to me.”

Federer won the 102nd title at ATP.
Federer won the 102nd title at ATP.

It is the most successful player in the history of the world, but this is the first time “Express Train” has 10 coronations in a tournament. Despite turning 37, he has not shown signs of wanting to stop. “I feel everything is very good. When I have overcome a limit, I have really thought about the feeling of victory. I have tried to imagine myself being the 10th champion here. Match- even before that, I felt a little worried because I was playing well but in the end it all ended and I was very happy, “he said.

The road to the 10th glorious destination in Halle is really not flat. Federer had to go through two dramatic three-match matches, ahead of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the second round and before Bautista Agut in the quarterfinals. But he knew how to focus all of his efforts and attempted to make each ball in each match and then made history at the ATP 500 on Germany’s pitch. “A feeling is hard to describe,” he said. “I think this is an unforgettable moment in my career. In particular, Halle Open is the tournament I have attended for a long time and also achieved the most success. It can’t be more wonderful! “.

2019 is a sweet season for Federer to become the first player to win three ATP titles this year. The Swiss legend also possesses 32 wins, 4 defeats this season and has the best ATP with 88.9%.

All of that will help Federer more confidently step into Wimbledon – the Grand Slam grass tournament kicked off in early July. This is where he holds the record for the most champion (8 times). However, FedEx is still cautious: “First, I will take a few days to enjoy this sweet feeling. Usually after every victory in Halle, I succeed in the next Wimbledon. Currently, I need time to recover after going through five games in six days, which is very important at my age, I think, I had a good starting point before attending Wimbledon “.


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