Lampard- Leading Chelsea is the biggest challenge

The English coach set a goal in the top 4 in the season of many challenges ahead.

Lampard on launch day at Chelsea
Lampard on launch day at Chelsea

This will be the biggest challenge of my life, “said Frank Lampard.” My career has ended, with great memories and challenges for a long time. I always like challenges. Going to Chelsea as a young player 19 years ago was a challenge. I tried to succeed as a player, but I didn’t want to be honored with that role alone. I want to be judged on what I can do when leading Chelsea .

Lampard started his career in the army from last year, and immediately resonated by bringing Derby into the final play-off match against the Premier League. This is a big highlight after the career of the players with a series of titles and record players who have scored the most goals for Chelsea.

Next season promises many difficulties for the home team Stamford Bridge. They were banned from transfer in the summer of 2019 and January 2020, and lost their biggest star, Eden Hazard. Lampard has no experience leading a big team.

However, the new Chelsea manager is still confident: “A year of professional coaching and now sitting on a hot seat at Chelsea, this is not something that often happens. I played under the guidance of many excellent coaches. I learned in a year at Derby and I understand how Chelsea works, I’ll show it because I have faith and willingness. “

In this interview, Lampard also revealed that he never spoke to owner Roman Abramovich during the negotiation process back to Chelsea. The person who stands out for direct recruitment is Director Marina Granovskaia.

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