Spanish newspaper reported that Liverpool wanted to recruit Ramos

The 33-year-old midfielder could leave Real Madrid in the summer of 2019 and would be a big surprise if he arrived at Anfield.


AS (Spain) reported that Liverpool wanted to combine Sergio Ramos with Virgil van Dijk, the center-back was voted the best player in English football last season. However, Liverpool will have to convince both Ramos and Real by the Spanish player’s contract breaking fee of more than $ 1 billion.

Ramos is said to be in conflict with officials at Real, including President Florentino Perez after a bad season. Ramos is said to have brawled Perez to protect his teammates after Real were eliminated in the 1/8 Champions League by Ajax.

I have devoted everything, even broken my face for this shirt and for him. But if I want to throw me, pay me and I go now, AS newspaper quoted Ramos to Perez.

After 14 seasons playing for Real, Ramos may not remain after the summer reform here. The Spanish midfielder is still highly appreciated for his experience and many big teams are watching static at the Bernabeu. However, Liverpool taking part in the Ramos race is still a surprise.

In last season’s Champions League final, Ramos became “the most obnoxious player” in the eyes of Liverpool fans after making Salah leave the field with a shoulder injury. For a while after that, Ramos had a battle with Dejan Lovren and coach Klopp about this situation.

In 2015, Ramos was linked to a British football team Man Utd. At that time, the Spanish center-back used Man Utd as a tactical leverage to force Real to renew the contract with higher-than-expected compensation.

Besides Liverpool, Juventus are also the team that wants Ramos after parting with senior veteran Andrea Barzagli. In the case of a new challenge outside of Europe, China is not a bad place when Ramos can receive outstanding high wages.

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