Maradona: The color of the Argentina shirt is offended

Argentina legend blames the juniors after failing in the 2019 Copa America
This defeat made people believe even the Tonga team won us, “Maradona said.” The Argentina team has built a reputation from the battles. Remember we played our best when we were in the 2015 Copa America, breaking the dense craftsmanship. Where is that spirit? What color does this shirt have? You bastards are offending Argentina’s color

The Argentinian bowed down after losing to Colombia.
The Argentinian bowed down after losing to Colombia.

Argentina reached the final of the last two Copa America, but both finished second. The team is still rated as a heavyweight candidate in the tournament this year, but lost to Colombia 0-2 at the game.

In the 2019 Copa America group, two of the third-placed third teams will enter the quarterfinals. Argentina’s chances of going forward are still open. The thing that fans care about is that the students of Coach Scaloni cannot cross tight crafts on the Colombian side. Messi and teammates lacked a good combination.

The last time Argentina won the major tournament was the Copa America 1993. For the past 26 years, this team has four times reached the Copa final and a World Cup.

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