Messi plays like a Matrix movie

Robert Moreno praised the Argentina captain, and saw him as the greatest player of all time.

Luis Enrique and I have the same opinion that Lionel Messi’s style of playing is the same as the Matrix movie. His ball touches made everything around like slow motion. Messi looked at the happenings in that way, analyzed what was going on, then searched for the gap. Messi’s skills are getting better because he knows the game very well, Robert Moreno told Diario Sport.

Messi and Argentina joined the Copa America semi-final in 2019
Messi and Argentina joined the Copa America semi-final in 2019

Moreno has been a scout for Barca since 2010, before becoming Luis Enrique’s assistant at AS Roma in the 2011-2012 season. Moreno returned to being an assistant at Barca in 2014, under Enrique, before reuniting this coach in the Spanish team in July 2018. He has many years of working with Messi, and said the Golden Ball owner is very professional.

“Some people think that Messi’s gift is a gift of nature, but little is known that he is always the first to practice, paying attention to what is loaded into the body. For a long time, with many titles, Messi deserves to be the greatest player of all time, I do not see Pele or Diego Maradona, but Messi is truly amazing, even in training sessions. He is perfectly professional, “continued Moreno.

A week ago, former Barca manager Louis Van Gaal said that Barca failed to succeed because of pampering Messi. Moreno disagrees with this view. He commented: “Van Gaal always builds philosophy based on collective play, but if he tries to stick players into a fixed system, it is a mistake. As a coach, you need to assess exactly what is available. and create a play based on that, I respect Van Gaal but also admire Messi, and when I worked as an assistant to Enrique in Barca, we agreed that the rest had to adapt to Messi’s support mission. may appear in unexpected areas, but if Messi loses the ball, his teammates should immediately switch to a defensive state “.

Messi and Barca won La Liga season 2018-2019 and reached the semi-finals of the Copa America 2019, met Brazil. The 32-year-old superstar aspires to own a team-level collective title – the only thing lacking in his massive collection.

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