Mourinho – Another defeat is too harsh for Klopp

The Portuguese coach did not want his colleague at Liverpool to take a bitter win at the Champions League final.
If Jurgen Klopp wins, it will be a great achievement for him. Mourinho said on Sky Sports about Klopp’s chances with Liverpool against Tottenham.
But if Jurgen does not win, which means his third defeat in the Champions League final, it will be a harsh end to him.

Mourinho - Another defeat is too harsh for Klopp
Mourinho – Another defeat is too harsh for Klopp

Liverpool game – Tottenham at Madrid on June 1 will be the third time Klopp leads a team to compete in the Champions League. On two previous occasions, the German coach had been with Dortmund losing to Bayern 1-2 in 2013, and together with Liverpool lost 1-3 to Real Madrid. If he wins Tottenham in the upcoming final, Klopp will not only erase the match, but will also have the first title after four years leading Liverpool.

“As a coach and coach of the Champions League final, what kind of negative side will there be. The reverse is when a team loses, a coach loses. But Klopp is an optimist. I’m sure he he is just thinking about winning, “Mourinho added.

The match on Wanda Metropolitano on June 1 is also an opportunity for Tottenham to win the first major title under coach Mauricio Pochettino. Mourinho believes that this match will make a turning point for the young club into London.

He said: “Tottenham have not had any recent titles, so it would be great if they had the first title in the upcoming finals. That victory could lead them to more domestic titles, because of Champions. League is the biggest playground “.

Because of that importance for both teams, Mourinho emphasized: “The final is not a place to play football, it’s where teams, coaches come and win”.

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