Ronaldo has more leadership than Messi

Cabrini: Juventus players claim that the juniors are exemplary, both inside and outside the pitch.
Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the best player today. World football over the past 10 years has mostly focused on his competition with Lionel Messi. I personally rated Ronaldo higher. The main reason lies in the quality of the leader. He demonstrates the ability to lead in many situations, both inside and outside the field. Even in his personal life, Ronaldo is very exemplary and professional, just like what he does in sports, Goal quoted Antonio Cabrini.

Ronaldo is always the number one star, whether it is Man Utd, Real Madrid or Juventus
Ronaldo is always the number one star, whether it is Man Utd, Real Madrid or Juventus

Cabrini’s opinion is also the view of Mario Kempes. In late May, after Messi’s Barca lost to Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final, the 1978 World Cup champion praised Ronaldo for playing more and more teammates. In the meantime, he criticized the striker for his personal kick, even warning: “When Messi is on the pitch, be prepared because you can’t know when he will cause you trouble”.

Having played left-back and facing many players attacking the wing, Cabrini believes he understands what Messi thinks. “With all the respect for Messi, I think there are times when he can’t show himself. However, Messi and Ronaldo are still two great players. No one doubts that.” former Juventus player said.

“Lao She” has just won the eighth Scudetto in a row. Cabrini commented: Juventus always planned ahead, whether it was chasing the transfer target, or commercial activities. They are always ahead of competitors. When the Serie A teams started to hunt heads, Juventus brought back two or three key rookies. They are also the first club in Italy to own their own stadium. A lot of teams in Italy cherish that plan, but they just say it, instead of working on it.

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