The best child locator watch. For children aged 5-14 years, it is time for parents to be anxious and want to control their children 24 / 24h, as this is the stage where children have many physical activities as well as not yet skilled. self-defense and awareness of the danger outside. If parents were unable to contact the children the day before, if they did not equip them with a mobile phone, a child locator watch has been, and will be, a tendency for many subordinates. I care about choosing for my children.

The best child locator watch

The color, the style of the watch is suitable for children
It is also necessary to select the clock according to your child’s preference. Current positioning clock has many designs with different sizes, shapes and colors so parents can freely choose to suit their children. Often, girls will prefer bright colors to boys who prefer dark colors.

Material of watch strap
During the purchase process you must check whether the material and type of paint used by the strap is really safe and kid-friendly. Most of the current strap has a very effective perspiration design.

Positioning clock with non-quality strap material will directly affect children’s health.

Positioning technologies on child positioning clocks
Positioning will help you monitor and control your child more easily, and can respond in a timely manner if your baby leaves the safe area.

Currently, the child positioning watches are using three main positioning technologies: GPS positioning, Wifi positioning and GSM positioning.

GPS technology is a positioning system based on satellite systems. This is a positioning method that results in the highest accuracy, the common error is less than 50m. So the child locator watches today need this technology.

Clock battery time
Battery life is a concern, because nowadays the child positioning clocks are packed with many very useful features that can consume a lot of power consumption.

You should see how long it will take to watch the clock before choosing to buy. Should choose to buy a positioning clock with a battery capacity of about 300-600mAh is the most reasonable.

Features, support utilities
In addition to 2 main features are GPS navigation and 2-way calling, you should also choose to buy watches with other features equally important as:

Installing safety zones (electronic fence mode) delineating safety zones for children, the system will automatically warn when children leave the fence
Control of contacts: Contacts on the watch are managed by guardians, children cannot call numbers other than contacts
Automatically reject calls from strange numbers not in your contacts
Receive and display SMS messages
Send and receive voice messages (voice messages)
Water resistant feature

The best child locator watch

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